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Beside the daily based time stamp Time Tracking, AgilePlan provides the possibility to track time in a less strict way with the weekly based Time Tracking GUI. To be able to use this time tracking style, a user need the role TT_ROLE_TIMETRACKMATRIX. So, the way to track time can be choosen separately for each user.

Notice, that the workday information and the bonus day feature (if configured) are not displayed in the weeekly based time tracking UI. Because always a whole week is selected, it wouldn't make sence to show these daily based information.

Title bar

The title bar does not differ between weekly based and timestamp time tracking. So, all configuration adjustments conserning the title bar will affect both Time Tracking interfaces.


By highlighting special days, the calendar also provides the same functionality as it does in timestamp time tracking UI. The only difference is that not the selected day but the whole selected week is highlighted (in light blue).

Report button

The report button area shows up as is usual and provides a dialog to reestimate your assigned issues when using an issue tracker plugin.

Tracking Time

Creating a worklog entry is easier in this interface. You only have to enter the amount of time spent on a category (row) at the actual day (column) and don't need to enter a comment or a time stamp. In addition, your able to create multiple entries at a time. This is a great time saver when you do not need time stamps in your worklogs. In addition, your able to create multiple entries at a time.

The only thing to be done is saving your input using the Save-button on top or botton of the list. The Revert-button can be used to discard all changes done since the last saving. To change the selected week, optionally the arrow-buttons (<< and >>) or the calendar can be used. When selecting the current week, today highlighted.

Available categories

It depends on your assignments which categories are listed, so they match those categories which could be choosen when using the daily based time tracking. For categories, which are only available for a part of the selected week, the input field will be disabled at the days where booking is not possible.

Input patterns

The time inputs must match one of the following patterns:

Booking solid hours The number of spent hour (optionally followed by a h-token) nust by entered. 2; 4h; ...
Booking less than one hour The number of spent minutes necessarily followed by a m-token must be entered. 30m; 45m; ...
Booking non-solid hours The number of spent hours followed by a h-token and the number of spent minutes followed by a m-token separated by a white space must be entered. 2h 30m; 4h 15m; ...

To edit an existing entry, just adjust the amount of spent time. To delete an entry, optionally clear the field content or enter an amount of "0". Don't forget to save to apply your changes.

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