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Far value code

In addtion to the far ref number, that can be configured to be taken directly out of some billing or ERP system, the Far value code is another key to direct into some financial context, however it can be mangaged self-contained within AgilePlan without any need for system integraion.

This entries are shown in the metadata for categories.

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Employee overview

The tab employee overview gives you a fast overview about all employees with important data like their leave days or overtime. It shows all employees grouped by employment type by default.

Personnel number An unique number for every user in the system.
Name The users lastname.
First name The users firstname.
Joining date The date, when the user joined the company.
Contract change The date, when a contract for an user was changed.
Working time This is the daily working time for each employee.
Leave days The leave days which a user has per year.
Leave days left The leave days left of the users leave days.
Overtime All overtime the user has at the moment.
Maximum overtime The maximum allowed overtime for this user.
Employment type The type of employment in the company.
Contract mode The mode of contract.
Former user Flag if the user is former or not.
Active Flag if the user is an active user or not.
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View for TimeTrack adminsitrators

In contrast to the TimeTrack UI for standard employess, there are some minor differences for time tracking administrator (see role TT_ROLE_TIMETRACKADMIN).

Beside booking time for himself, a time tracking administrator can also see and change the bookings for other users. Therefore, this combobox can be used to switch between users. Note that the list first shows non-former users and former users afterwards (both in alphabetic order).
Next to the other report buttons, there is another button which provides easy access to the month report of all users (if configured, see Configurable TimeTrack (5)).
The Time Correction button does not depend on the TT_ROLE_TIMETRACKADMIN role but on the TT_ROLE_TIMECORRECTION role. However, this role is typically assigned to time tracking administrators. It allowes to re-activate already closed time periods for the users to do some corrections.

Configurable TimeTrack

Via System configuration you have flexible decision points to show or hide several portions of the Time Tracking GUI to the end users.

The following admin properties can be set in the file, which you can find in the system's agileplan-home directory.

  • Just add a row for each detail you want to set
  • This row always has to start with
  • Then add one of the properties in the table below and set it's value true

This example shows how you can expand your properties file:

showUserTimeAccount Show the working time after discount calculated by the configured break algorithm, which is added to the employee's time account for the selected day.
showUserOvertime Show the current condition of the employee's working time account.
showUserDiffAndRank Show accuracy of entries (diff) and ranking
showUserReportButtons Beside the estimation report button some other report buttons can be shown, e.g. for the user's month or daily report.
showAdminMonthReportButton Show the button month report administrator for TimeTrack administrators, which allow an easy access to all users month reports.
showAddBonusday Show the part of the GUI to allow the use of the special bonus day feature.
monthreport.showNegging Enable the negging dialog, which informs an user if report isn't confirmed, a category's estimation is exceeded or the user's max overtime is exceeded.

TimeTrack has an integrated pause calculation for idle times. But if you want to use no calculation or have an own idea for calculation it can be implemented to TimeTrack.

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