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50 Words about AgilePlan

If you remember only three things:

  • AgilePlan is a solution chain for capacity management, timetracking and project reporting.
  • It is a simple yet modular Java Web Application and can be bought and used module by module.
  • It integrates with Atlassian Jira either as Time Tracker for Jira or as Capacity Planner for Jira or both.

For a first impression of the feature set of our modules follow Quickstart Capacity Manager and Quickstart Time Tracking. Navigate then to Quickstart Jira Plugin to get the idea where and how we integrate with Atlassians famous issue tracker.

Usage scenarios / Packages

Module Capacity Manager

Capacity Manager will show your teams capacity within one central transparent place. With Capacity Manager you will plan project assignements, fixed dates and milestones for your staff. Warnings for planning conflicts will consider all aspects like contractual capacity, holidays or plan collisions. You can licence and use this module

  • standalone showing your calendars, plans and warning conflicts
  • in combination with our Time Tracking module offering Living Plans
  • with Atlassian Jira as Capacity Planning Plugin
  • in combination with both as a suite for Agile Project Management

Module Time Tracking

Time Tracker will track projects and add financial data or full time accounting if needed. You can licence and use this module

  • standalone for time reporting collecting ERP Metadata
  • in combination with our Capacity Manager offering Living Plans
  • with Atlassian Jira as Time Tracking Plugin
  • in combination with both as a suite for Agile Project Management

Secure Accounting

Optinally using Secure Accounting you manage disciplinarians and working time accounts for employees, planner for teams, budgets for projects and financial systems references on worklogs on the level you and yours works council want to. And you will keep the agility of your processes at the same time. With these features you can

  • manage a flow blown flextime wage record for your employees
  • directly push worklogs against your billling system
  • have Jira Project Management and Data Privacy for your staff at the same time

Plugin for Atlassian Jira

Use our Plugin for Atlassian Jira and find a complete toolchain for an issue based project management approach especially for Agile Projects. We can configure our tools to seamlessly integrate with Jira. Apart from the full licence you can still use one of the modules alone:

  • as Time Tracking component for Jira with real budgets
  • as Capacity Management component for Jira

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