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Synchronize projects

If you use Timetrack and CapMan you have the possibility to synchronize the application data.
In the Timetracking Adminstration categories can bey created as explained in the documentation of Timetrack. These categories can be synchronized with CapMan. The advantage of synchronizing them is, that you can use CapMan's features like the administration of projects and assignments or getting warnings when categories aren't realizable for those categories.

If you need categories or subcategories from TimeTrack in CapMan's application, the TimeTrack´s category administration gives you the opportunity to connect categories with CapMan. The following manual explains how to do this:

Select the category you want to connect with CapMan. In order to connect a category you have to enter from and till date for it. Now you can click on the connect icon.

After the category was connected with CapMan it will be displayed in blue italic letters as you can see below.

Now have a look at CapMan's project overview:

The small icon next to the project name shows that this project is a synchronized category from TimeTrack. The meaning of each value is explained in the project adminstration.


Here is a short example to explain the benefit of capacity plans, that know about their respectiv time consumption.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are two projects, "My first project" and "Paracode", which are synchronized (recognizable by the linked icon).

"My first project" is a very new project which has just started, so there is no time booked yet and you don't see numbers in the worked and working progress columns yet..

  • Still Planning progress shows you, that this project has been given enough capacity - it orderer 100 hours, and 128 hours have been reserved, so there is a Buffer of 28 hours.

"Paracode" project exists some more days, you can see 152 hours already booked via Time Tracking in column Worked shown in red.

  • Because this amount of work is still lower than has been planed, it is highlighted in red.
  • In column Working Progress you see the percentage of work progress against plan so you find a 86% of work done (152h) against a plan of 178h.
  • Even more Planning progress reminds you, that this project still ordered more capacity (240h) whereof only 178h (74%) are already reserved in Capacity Manager. 

You can always decide to synchronize your plans with Time Tracking data or just leave them standalone not having theses benefits.
Even more, with this feature, you can see the daily progress of work:

This report shows you, that Christian should work about 800 hours between 03/12/12 and 12/14/12 on a certain project.

The report was called on 04/24/12, so the plan knows, he should have worked around 128 hours by now for a linear progress of work on that project. But he has worked only 96 hours by now. So he has to catch up on a delay of about 30 hours.

No problem currently, there are months left to do so.....

To get further information have a look at here.

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