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Necessary Jira configurations for our Plugin.

Time Tracking

The Time Tracking feature must be active using the default configurations.

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Sub-Tasks also have to be enabled.

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User name identity

The username is the key to resolute the connection between the JIRA and the AgilePlan user. So a JIRA user with exactly the same username is required for every corresponding AgilePlan user.

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User permissions

To be able to tracking time every user needs the following permissions in the JIRA system:

  • Work On Issues
  • Edit Own Worklogs
  • Delete Own Worklogs

This can be done in several ways, e.g. by managing different user groups or by using project rolls.

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Matching project name or category

Another thing you should notice is that there is a convention relative to the names of projects and project categories in JIRA. According to the convention only specific projects will be transmitted to the AgilePlan category administration. This is necessary to allow users to track time on tasks within these projects. There are two possibilities to trigger the transmission of a project:

  1. The name of the JIRA-project starts with one of the prefixes defined in the application.jira.projectPrefix property.
  2. The JIRA-project is within a JIRA-project category which name starts with one of the prefixes defined in the property application.jira.projectCategoryPrefix.

Note that only one of these requirements has to be complied. But it is no problem if both are fulfilled or a project (with correct prefix) is not in a project category.

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