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Welcome to our Atlassian Jira integration

This chapter shows the idea of using AgilePlan in combination with Jira as integrated tool stack. Have a look at Quickstart Jira Plugin for an overview of the feature set or at Usage of the Atlassian Jira Plugin for the tool documentation.


The combination of the Issue Tracker Jira with its Greenhopper Plugin from Atlassian and AgilePlan with its Jira Plug-In is able to supply a complete tool chain for highly integrated Tracking and Controlling.

  • One scenario for this is the management and steering of Support Teams with lots of trouble tickets.
  • It also can combine Agile Software Development with fine grained cost controlling and capacity management

The AgilePlan Jira Plugin Quicktour demonstrates the solution in its Agile Setup as a combination of Jira and Greenhoppers strengths as

  • Effective Sprint Planning and Task Estimation
  • A Sprint Backlog with continously up-to-date estimates
  • Having ad hoc Project state
  • Rich Feedback for Retrospective Meetings
  • Flexible Issue Types and Workflows for fine grained management

with the advantages of AgilePlans Features as

  • Knowing the Calendars and capacities of resources
  • Having a real time account management with overtime
  • Quickly update all estimates of the relevant issues
  • Integration of time tracking date both with Agile Project Management and ERP Systems

We also describe the necessary Jira configuration steps to prepare Jira for the use with AgilePlan.
In addition with give some hints on the usage of Jira for Agile Project Management.

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