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Welcome to BrainTime AgilePlan

AgilePlan is a solution chain for capacity management, timetracking and project reporting.

  • Explore the ideas behind it via Quickstart
  • It is a simple yet modular Java Web Application 
  • Capacity Manager will show your teams capacity within one central transparent place
  • Time Tracker will track projects and add financial data or full time accounting if needed.
  • The combination of both will provide you with live data for capacity planning
  • Use our Plug-in for Atlassian Jira and find a powerful toolchain for an issue based project management approach especially for Agile Projects


  Capacity Manager

  With Capacity Manager you will plan project assignements, fixed dates and milestones for your staff. Warnings for planning conflicts will consider all aspects like contractual capacity, holidays or plan collisions. Read more


  With Time Tracking you easily report worklogs against projects to track progress. Where relevant you can manage complete time accounts of employees including illness and vacations. Read more

  Secure Accounting

  With Secure Accounting you manage employees contracts and time accounts, financial budgets and billing of your work and ERP Integration withou disturbing the Agility of your processes. Read more

  Plugin for Atlassian Jira

  Administrate categories with their metadata, see reports like the goalpoint report or employee statistic report. Read more

One more for curiosities sake

Capacity Manager: Report of unscheduled capacity

  • Report over arbitrary reporting periods - From Till)
  • Find the total capacity per resource - Overall
  • Find Holidays _and other _Absenteeisms
  • So find the effectivly plannable time in plannable
  • See already made plans in Fixdates and Projects
  • So find out net unscheduled working time in Unscheduled
  • And see the current workload for everybody

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