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Next we take a look at the Roles overview. Note, that you can´t create or delete roles because they are system values. But you can edit the display names of the roles to adopt them to your individual interpretation. 

Capacity Manager roles

CM_ROLE_FIXDATE_PLANER Is able to see planned fixdates of his staff and is able to edit these fixdates, remove it or add new fixdates.
CM_ROLE_MILESTONE_PLANER Is able to see planned milestones of his staff and is able to edit these milestones, remove it or add new milestones.
CM_ROLE_PROJECT_PLANER Is able to see planned projects of his staff and is able to edit these projects, remove it or add new projects.
CM_ROLE_PROJECT_PROPOSER This role is relevant for Jira integrated CapMan interface only. Is able to see planned projects of his staff and is able to edit and remove these projects, if they are in a proposed plan state. A Proposer can also create new proposed projects, but not change its plan state.
CM_ROLE_OWN_READER Is only allowed to see his own finally planned dates.
CM_ROLE_PLAN_READER Is able to see all planned dates of his staff, but not allowed to add, delete or edit dates.
CM_ROLE_CM_ROLE_FULL_PLAN If a "plan reader" or a "planner" has this role in addition all authorities for all users (not only staff) are given to him. The rights of an "own reader" stay unchanged.
CM_ROLE_ADMIN_REPORTS With this role, the user is allowed to see the target usage report, which shows the planned time of a project assignment, the time that should be worked until today and the actually worked time.

Common user management roles

CUSM_ROLE_CALENDAR_ADMIN Is allowed to manage calendars and calendar entries.
CUSM_ROLE_CONTRACT_ADMIN Is allowed to manage contracts. This right only works in addition with CUSM_ROLE_USER_ADMIN.
CUSM_ROLE_DAY_TYPE_ENTRY_ADMIN Is allowed to add daytype entries for absenteeisms (entries for daytypes with set absenteeism flag.
CUSM_ROLE_DAY_TYPE_ENTRY_NOT_ABSENTEEISM_ADMIN Is allowed to add entries for daytypes without the absenteeism flag.
CUSM_ROLE_DAY_TYPE_ADMIN Is allowed to manage daytypes (only types but no entries).
CUSM_ROLE_GROUP_ADMIN Is allowed to manage groups and grouptypes. He also is able to allocate rights to this groups and grouptypes.
CUSM_ROLE_LOCALE_ADMIN Is allowed to manage the system locales.
CUSM_ROLE_USER_ADMIN Is allowed to manage users but does not see any contracts.
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Permission Management

Permissions are managed with the help of roles. Every user and usergroup can be set with an unlimited number of roles to get read, add, edit or delete permissions.

As already described in User administration you can edit the user details in the user overview.

If you activate the global admin flag, the user will have all available roles.

As said in the previous paragraph, you can assign roles to groups. If an user shares the group he will have all these roles.

However you can always assign single roles to the user to grant permissions in addition. The concept is that all group and individual roles add to the sum of the roles of the user.

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