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Mail notification

Application properties

Property Default value Description false In order to receive mail notifications, you have to set this flag to true.   Host of mail service
application.mail.username   Username
application.mail.password   Password
application.mail.stmp.auth false SMTP authorization will be used if value is true.
application.mail.from   Return address
application.notification.ignoreTemp true Temporary tasks will be ignored if the value is true.

If you have activated the mail service following notifications will be sent to all users with a valid email adress in their user master data.

Resource notifications

If a planner adds, edits or removes an assignment within CapMan, the corresponding resource will receive an email about this modification.
This email just contains the name of the project or fixdate, the duration this assignment belongs to and the effort.

Planner Reports

Users with a planner role (described in Common Master Data Management) will receive an email notification at regular intervals. There the user has a quick overview about his employees' project assignments and their proceedings. The interval length is configurable.


Project Report

This report calculates the planned hours per week on projects in the choosen time period. It shows all projects of the current user and summates all hours from project assignments for each project. These result will be devided so that you get the total number of planned working hours per week.


Resource Pressure Report

This report calculates as the Project Report above the planned working hours per week on the shown projects. The difference is, that this calculation will be done for each employee.


Target Usage Report

With the Target Usage Report you will get an report grouped by project assignments which contains information about the working progress of current targets. See the picture and table below to get detailed information.

Assignments on CapMan projects, which are linked with Jira projects or versions. To see them in this table they must have at least one user assignment.
The name of the user, who is assigned to this project.
The start date of the project-assignment.
The end date of the project-assignment.
The total planned working hours for the project-assignment.
The already worked hours by the users assigned to this project.
The working progress of the project assignment (calculated by worked / planned * 100%)
This effort should have been done for the project assignment until now by the assigned user.
The working progress of the user considering the values of field 6 and 8 (105% means: as of today, the user is 5% in advance of his schedule)

Capacity Report

Capacity report calculates scheduled times for the users staff employees in a choosen time period which you can enter in the header of the report. See the picture and table below to get detailed information or go to CapMan´s Capacity calculator.

The employee, who´s capacity is calculated.
The capacity utilization of the employee for the choosen time period.
The number of days for the choosen time period less non working days (defined by contracts of employee for the choosen timespan) of the user will be multiplied by the users daily working hours.
The time the user is beeing absent because of public holidays (defined in calendar).
The time the user is beeing absent because of day type entries for this timespan (like vacations, illness days)
The plannable working time: The overall working time (field 3) minus holidays (field 4) minus absenteeisms (field 5).
The scheduled time for fixdates of this employee.
The scheduled time for projects of this employee.
The scheduled time for milestones of this employee.
The time remaining unscheduled: The plannable working time (field 6) minus the scheduled time for fixdates (field 7) minus the scheduled time for projects (field 8)
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