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Calendar View Big Picture

The calendar can be displayed in various modes. You can choose between views for week, month, quarter, half year and year. Also you have the possibility to define your custom period to be displayed. For this custom view you have to choose the entry "userdefined" in the box.
For navigation purposes, also the texts in the header rows can be used. Clicking on quarters, halfyears, year numbers, months and calendar weeks opens the respective period of time. Clicking on a week day or date changes the start date of the current view to the selected date.
Filter the calendar to display only data of choosen users. Simply enter portions of the usernames or several username separated by commas.
The calendar can be filtered by all disciplinarians, which are hierarchically speaking "below" the current user. After choosing a disciplinarian you will find only his staff in the calendar. By chossing the empty filter ("---") you will find all staff that you are able to see.
This is the warnings area. It will inform you about critical planning. Just make a right click with your mouse on a random warning and you have the possibility to get more information, to jump to the date, to ignore this warning (Docs of the warning system here) or to reverse the ignoring. Each user in the system can configure his own warning settings.
The task filter provides checkboxes to make the calendar view more clearer. Fixdates, projects and absenteeisms can be displayed or hidden.
The project area displays you current projects independently of your task filter settings. "Current" projects are those projects with an end date which is not in the past. Moving the mouse over an entry will show more information about this project. Furthermore, you can edit a project or it´s assignments or show the whole project period in the calendar via context menu.

View Modes

CapMan's resource calendar can be shown on a weekly, monthly or quarterly or yearly base. You can also choose arbitrary time periods, this feature is called "Userdefined...".

The calendar has a lot of "hidden" actions:

  • Click on a certain date to set the start date of the current period.
  • Click on the week symbol (CW XY in english) to switch to a week periods rendering of the respective week.
  • Click on the name of a month to switch to a month periods rendering of the respective month.
  • Click on the name of a month to switch to a month periods rendering of the respective month.
  • Do the same with the name of the quarter (Q4) the half-year (H2) or the year (2010)

Susequently find the same plan in different views as an idea for the look and feel.

Week View

Month View

Quarter View

Halfyear View

Year View

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